Secure Cryptocurrency Trade & Exchange


DANIEL W. K. (Chairman/ CEO/ President)

Dan, a Singaporean American is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CoinGrounds Group. He was a COO of a former Portland, Oregon-based real estate acquisition and management company and during that period. A philanthropist who holds much love to helping people improve in their vision and thirst for greatness. He took over the Company to improve the standard of it's services and openness to traders and organizations willing to purchase or trade Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies.


ELSA M. LUDVIG (VP & Financial Officer)

Elsa is a Swedish and as the Vice President and Financial Officer of CoinGrounds Group, she is responsible for all aspects of corporate finance operations, treasury management, accounting, risk management and financing of the company’s business projects.


TIMOTHY E. GUYETTE (Human Resources & Chief Operating Officer)

Tim is the COO of CoinGrounds, he handles day to day operations in the company including controlling trade transactions within the procurement and dispatch unit. Tim is also the Human Resources Manager (temporary).


AGNES S. KARLSSON (Trade & Chief Commercial Officer)

Agnes is the CCO and she is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company. She in in charge of the customer service to drive business growth and market share. A highly intelligent, smart and humble lady, handling bulk and large requests in timely manner.