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What is CoinGrounds?
CoinGrounds was founded in order to exchange e-currencies and help customers buy and sell e-currencies.

How can I make an order?
Tap on the EXCHANGE page, fill the form and submit order. After that you will see instructions for payment and how much coins to expect from us in an e-mail message. After your payment or transfer of coins, we will complete the order.

How long does the transaction take?
Normally order is completed within few minutes after your payment. Exact time depends on what type of order you have. If you sell bitcoins, we complete the order after first confirmation of bitcoin payment which takes around 20 minutes. Maximum time for order to be completed is 24 hours. If you see your order is not completed within 24 hours, please contact us.

How often are you online?
We work 16 hours daily. Our support team is opened every day 8 hours per day or longer. Our time is GMT+1 (CET timezone), so it is possible to reach us from 9am GMT+1 till midnight.

Where can i find my Order Number?

It can be found in the e-mail message that follows after your order request must have been submitted.
Please make sure that you fill in an existing e-mail address while placing an order.

Is the Bitcoin deposit address for my account unique, does it change?

Your deposit address is unique to your account and is not shared with any other account for receiving deposits. Any new payments to the address will be reflected in your bitcoin balance.(Note this does not apply to withdrawals, withdrawal of BTC can come from different addresses and therefore the actual Bitcoin balance of your deposit address is not representative of your present Bitcoin Balance).

How much are the fees for executed trades/exchange?

CoinGrounds charges the exact rate at the time of order and no commission is placed to be paid for development/overhead costs.
Pending/upfront orders in the order book(which has been paid for) will receive a discount of 10% on rates and shall be transferred at order elapse date.