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Buy and Sell Digital currency


Safe & Secure

CoinGrounds is a digital currency exchange platform which operates a safe and secure FCA regulated e-trade. Delivering trust, reliability and deep institutional liquidity.


Fast & Cost Effective

Low Trade fees of only 0.3% - 0.6%. Fast Bitcoin Delivery.



Bitcoin Mining services

We also provide a unique full installation and coding on new and existing bit-mining systems to allow for your perfect business use on an affordable rate and based on contract payment/financing. We offer our bit-mining services globally and can swiftly provide this installation services within a blink.

Our smart tech installers are on a "ready move" to whatever location our services are required as long as it's usage is legal and permitted in such places. We do not support any form of money laundering and would instantly terminate any contracts that we perceived or noticed to be fraudulent.

You can check out our terms and conditions, privacy and anti-money laundering policy to understand our services procedures and guidelines. We provide full installation, training, facility management and monitoring services and our rates are relatively cheap for the quality services rendered.

You can contact us using the contact form for large trades, installation contracts and firm management.  We will be glad to handle your requests as soon as possible.

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