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What is Bitcoin

You can find general information about Bitcoin here: BITCOIN

How to exchange Bitcoin <-> PerfectMoney?

In the section "BUY/SELL E-CURRENCY" choose the exchange direction, enter the exchange sum and pay for your request according to the instructions on the email received, the exchange will be completed instantly.

How long should I wait for the confirmation from the Bitcoin network?

1 confirmation. Estimated 10 minutes. More information about the confirmation from the network.

My exchange from Bitcoin to PerfectMoney has not been completed and I have received an error notification. Why?

The sum specified in your request should be transferred in one transaction, not from 2 and more addresses. There are cases, when the website PerfectMoney is not available or it is not possible to receive a Bitcoin confirmation, in both cases the administrator receives a notification that the exchange has not been completed and completes the exchange manually as soon as possible.

After payment of the request, the request status "Waiting for confirmation"?

Any payment may be tied up by the payment system for checking purposes, please, wait. If your request status does not change for more than 24 hours, please, contact the support. In this case, processing failure is hardly probable.

Which guarantee do you provide that my exchange request will be completed?

We have been working since 2013/07/23, though went on a necessary financial registration break for 3 months in 2016. The open business is a verified account both on PerfectMoney and Bitcoin trade platform, a certified partner of PerfectMoney. Be rest assured that your trades are securely safe with us.

Is it possible to do exchange to the advantage of third parties?

Yes. It is. You take the risks of the recipients.